Let's save Apocz

When I first played Apocz I was around 12-13 (I'm 16 now, just so you know the time gap). I was an Xbox gamer and was on the hunt for a game like Apocz, an open world survival game set in a zombie apocalypse. I was as stupid to believe that it was the best game ever. This isn't because it's a bad game, it's just that Apocz never got the chance to evolve into something great. Look at games like Subnautica and The Long Dark, these games are way better than they used to be because hey had the chance to evolve. This game isn't dead, it's dying. Yes, I really mean that. We have the chance to save this game. Even as I'm writing this I little part of me is thinking "How can I, one person revive this game?" But the truth is, I alone can't save this game, but that doesn't mean that I can't affect it's chances. By making this thread I'm giving the forums a chance to revive itself, then the people on the forums can help revive the game. Anyone reading this might think "Surely my response to this thread won't change anything" but if EVERYONE thinks that way then it WON'T change anything. If you reply to this thread you are helping this game's chances at survival. If we revive the community first then we can save Apocz. Really, WE can.