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Mira Laime
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• 11/4/2017

ApocZ 2017?

I was wondering if ApocZ is available for XB1. It was always my favorite game I remember i saw it on the 360 market place and bought a pack of 3 games, white noise, ApocZ and Minecraft (I think it was a bundle) I played it and I though, the graphics were terrible and there was no base building aspect. As time went on I grew to love the game and some of my friends played and called ourselves the "Racoons of ApZ" gathering shotguns handguns and other weapons like the SAW like weapon that shout 7.62 rounds. We fell in love with the game, eventually we grew apart and tired of the game. If the game is on XB1 I will gladly buy it again if I have to. I just wanna play one of my favorite indie games again
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• 12/21/2017
I dont think it is on Xbox One, this is because i cant even find the game on the 360 anymore, i think xbox deleted all indie games a bit ago and basically did a "Reboot" on that section of the store, now there are only like 3 indie games
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