This is a list of all the updates added to ApocZ.As more updates arrive,i will edit this.

-Hyperchain(Or you know,some other member will edit this)

ApocZ Patch 1.0

Crashes:constintly1 - 'Code 4' when selecting 'Xbox Live' caused by invalid index. Fixed. 2 - Reports of Random 'Code 4' while exploring. Added exception handing to begin tracking this.

Inventory Loss: 1 - Tents and Inventory not saving in 'Local Survivor' caused by uninitialized character parameter, could happen in rare case while in online mode. Fixed. 2 - Tents and Inventory not saving in 'Xbox Live' session caused by 'Main Menu' being active on transition out and player pressing 'A', causing random selection of other menu options. Fixed. 3 - Tents and Inventory not saving in 'Xbox Live' after joining and online  session. Caused by current mode never being initialized, defaulting to whatever previous state was. Fixed. 4 - 'Players' Menu not being available in 'Xbox Live' session, caused by 'Local Survivor' being the state when actually online. Fixed.

Loss Control Input: 1 - Loss of input when Vehicle menu open and another player attaches to the vehicle. Caused by code path to close vehicle menu never again being executed. Fixed. 2 - Loss controller input when attaching to a vehicle. Caused by player and vehicle properties not being fully initialized when player joins session. Fixed. Note: other conditions may cause this to happen as reported in forums.

Vehicles: 1 - When joining a session some vehicles that had been moved would not spawn correctly for client. Caused by position of vehicle not being transmitted on spawn. Fixed. 2 - Vehicles are no longer bullet proof, you now take 50% the damage of each projectile.

Melee Issues: 1 - Walking backwards and not being able to hit zombies. Fixed, Player melee distance increased when walking backwards. 2 - Zombies having slightly larger hit radius than players. Fixed, zombies and players have same hit radius.

Host Migrating: 1 - Getting a zombie beat down when host migrates. Fixed, Simulation pauses until host migration complete.

Inventory Menu: 1 - 'B' button used to drop items, very unintuitive. Fixed. 'B' and 'Back' button will close inventory menu, 'A' button used to drop or pickup items, depending on what menu pane you are in.

Invert Y: 1 - Will now apply to camera control while driving vehicles.

HUD: 1 - 'Back' and 'Start' button UI switch, Fixed.

Sound: 1 - Zombie Crowd, Run and Attack being to loud and stereo left/right not working. Recompiled sounds down to mono (I have issues with MS XACT3 3D sounds working on the Xbox) and turned down volume. 2 - Foot step sounds while driving a vehicle, Fixed.

ApocZ Patch 1.1

Following items fixed:

1-Tents not saving during host migrate and at other times.

2-Taking bullet damage in Vehicles when weapons being shot from random places on the map.

3-Vehicles tires and fuel not syncing across session or being modified by joining player.

4-Vehicles spawning with no tires.

5-Inventory magazines bullets being depleted when reloading weapons that are not empty.

6-Weapons and Magazines not saving existing bullet counts when dropped in the world.

7-Session join timeout causing to be kicked from server when trying to join.

8-'Quality' value being bogus, replaced with actual 'Ping' value and updated with out effecting displayed value.

9-Join server moved from 'Menu' button to 'A' button in Xbox Live menu.

10-Error tracking code to allow player to send message on state of crash.

11-Data encryption on Player status, when proven to be solid will be used to encrypt all saved data (tents, character gear, inventory...

12-Code 4 when purchase from trial mode and selecting 'Invite Friend'.

13-Added Clan invite and accept to 'Player' menu. (A green diamond will show on your clan members in the game).

*14-Server version control, new patch will only connect with version of ApocZ running the current patch.

ApocZ Patch 1.2

Following items fixed

• Tents not saving during host migrate and at other times.    The new save mechanic will warn survivors that only 8 tents and 192 items stored in tents will be supported in the future. You can store all 192 items in one tent or break them up from one to all eight, survivors choice.

The current plan is to enforce these maxims in update 1.3. *Note, on first load of tent data after updating to patch 1.2, the game engine will load current tent saved data and convert to new format.

• Player Status & inventory deleting or resetting. | FIXED

• Vehicles floating and/or passing through terrain due to player desync. | FIXED

• Vehicles stopping when player(s) join the server. | FIXED

• Vehicles randomly getting stuck in collision on trees and not being able to drive. | FIXED

• Player invisibility related to vehicles and death. | FIXED

• Host not creating the world new when in a 'sync-to-server' and chosen by Xbox Live to migrate the host process too | FIXED

• Host lagging out on updating players across the session worked on. Refactored code to ensure some states of players are being updated across the session.

• Duplication exploit by exiting to dashboard at certain times. | FIXED

• Bullet collision with terrain and objects properly sorted with players in the map. | FIXED

• Clan diamond tags not tracking survivors. | FIXED

• Hardware encrypted save data.

Adds the following

• Block invites to clan from specific players in a server.

• Vehicles will now allow up to 4 people in them at a time.

• Lengthened daytime.

> First player in vehicle defaults to driver. If driver exits the vehicle, passenger must exit the vehicle and re-enter to be new driver. This will change in a future update so players can switch seats from within a vehicle, but it's simple for now until the core mechanic is tested in the release version.

> Vehicles can be entered by anyone if there is a seat available. If you and 2 others are in a vehicle and a random enters it, simply get you and your friends out of the vehicle and shoot it up until the random dies! 

> Everyone in a vehicle can take damage, but the probability of what player gets hit is random as there are not individual hit-boxes for each seat, yet. So if you shoot at the driver's side, any passenger can get hit and the driver will be fine, or a passenger could get shot at but the driver could take the damage. In other words, if you shoot at a vehicle, there's no saying who gets hit in that vehicle. This will change in a future update as vehicle interiors will be redone and player models will be drawn & each model will come with their own hit-box, meaning that you will be able to shoot a specific survivor.

• Vehicles do not instantly stop when exited anymore. Players can be killed if exiting a vehicle at high speeds.


Saving controller sensitivity, Private servers... I'm sure there are a few more that would have been nice to have in this update.

ApocZ Patch 1.3(This Update is currently delayed as of now)

Update: Vehicle teleport/bugs are NOT fixed, work is being done on this issue each day, update 1.3 will be delayed until the vehicle issues related to multiple passengers are fixed.

1. 'Code 4' when 'max' tents or tent contents is exceeded is fixed. The update will support 8 ( not 7 ) tents and 192 items distributed across those tents. Trying to deploy more than 8 tents, or dropping items into tents that exceeds the maximum of 192, will result in no action and the item remains in your inventory.

2. Old save data format from update 1.1 & 1.2 is not supported anymore and will not be loaded. All save data is hardware encrypted.

3. 'Deploying Tents' message continuously displaying after joining a server or creating one, fixed.

4. Private servers. Other survivors need to be invited to the server by the "Host", if the host leaves the session will migrate to another "Host" and remain private under the host control.

5. Vicinity chat, can hear each other across the map.

6. Character saves are fixed. If you customize your character skin and clothes the changes will be saved now and persist from one game session to the next.

7. An issue with tents spawning has been tracked down and fixed, I cant guarantee other code paths won't cause a bug with tents but their stability has increased with this fix.