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ApocZ is an open-world sandbox game released on the Xbox Live Indie Game Market place. The game can be purchased for $1 (69p) or a trial version can be downloaded alternatively for free. ApocZ is set in 4 square miles of terrain in southern Ukraine, bordered by the Black Sea and deadly radiation zones. Survive against Zombies and other Survivors alike, collect weapons, create clans, become a helpful Hero, or a feared Bandit. The possibilities are endless!

The game's graphics, map and gameplay have been praised as it is advancing through larger development teams. Due to an unfortunate accident involving the Developer, the game's development is currently at a stand-still. Please be patient and support the Developer as he recovers.

Update - GwiGames has reported that Kevin is on track with his recovery, and that he will stop in May. Good luck Kevin!

Helpful Pages

ApocZ Survival Guide - A survival guide for beginners!

Get Well Kevin!!! - Show your support for Kevin the Almighty developer and leave a comment!

Items - Info on interactive and usable items including weapons, aid, and worn items in ApocZ.

Zombies - Info on the one of the largest threats in ApocZ.

Vehicles - Info on vehicles you will find in ApocZ.

Locations - Info on the various cities, towns and map of ApocZ.

Ideas - Share your suggestions for ApocZ's future here!

Players - Info on the players you will encounter in ApocZ.

Clans - Here you can find, join, or create clans. Please follow the rules.

ApocZ Updates - A list of past updates for ApocZ.

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