Your First Day Surviving

You will spawn near the ocean, and a large town will be nearby. Your goal should be to find food and water, and avoid other players. Weapons are not the main concern yet, just food and water. After you have found food and water, search for bandages, and a tent. You can use the tent for storage. Now you may find weapons.

Your First Week Surviving

You should gather supplies, and store them in your Tent. Avoid unfriendly people and Zombie-infested areas to stay healthy. Remain hidden when near other players, if you don't know them. Continue collecting weapons, ammo, food, water, and aid items. With enough supplies and a safe location, you can survive for weeks!


The inventory menu has 32 Item slots, as well as 4 Weapon slots. Initially, only 12 of the Item slots are available. This can be increased by equipping a backpack, small, medium, or large. Certain Items will take up more than 1 slot. An Item that occupies multiple slots will color the occupied slots blue. There are 2 slots for secondary Weapons, which includes melee weapons and Pistols, and there are 2 slots for primary Weapons, which includes rifles, machine guns and shotguns. When your inventory reaches maximum capacity, you will not be allowed to carry any more Items. When a player dies, his/her inventory spawns as Items on the ground.You cannot drop a Backpack,so you have to die to get it off(Unless you select another backpack).


Empty inventory.