Ideas for ApocZ

Feel free to add your ideas for ApocZ here. You can also add ideas at the ApocZ Forum, here. Add materials for creating a small shack that can be held by a clan or foe

General Ideas

Add an end goal like kill all 200 Zombies or repair/fuel boat to escape.

Expand the map

make towns bigger


A Bloody Zombie that spawns randomly on the map with 500% health/attack, only attacks when provoked, never gives up, and cannot be damaged at rang when 2D.

Bandit NPCs - Suggested in the comment section below.

spread the zombies out

make them more intelligent

Have zombies spread out from the cities after a certain amount of time(preferably randomly decided and unknown to the players)

have zombies use hearing and sight instead of the 20-foot detection radius

Buildings, Bases, and Structures

Taller buildings - Suggested in the comment section below.

The ability of going inside buildings.

more towns and buildings

Be able to make a Base out of wood with Doors, Walls, Roofs, and Windows


Sleeping - Added in the comment section below.

Find clothes instead of customizing your character.

Different character races (including girls too)

show your backpack on your back

helicopters, more cars

better graphics and zombies

better fire animations

hold the gun normal in 3rd person instead of holding it on your chest

refill canteens, water bottles, jerrycans

more guns spawns

random item and weapon spawns (everyone is learning where everything spawns)

show gamertags (the ability to also turn this of in servers)

store things in a car

different food items

barricade buildings and be able to put your things inside of the building instead of keeping everything in your inventory

A sleeping bag for spawing back into a world without having to head back to your tent that's 7km away from you

Able to hear gun sounds without having to send a clan invite.

after killing someone, make them spawn somewhere farther than you are.

Able to find gear and clothes to put on

Able to find attachments to put on your gun(and if gonna add then the attachments could wear out and break)