Various Items in ApocZ.


Items are interactive and usable items spread across the map which can aid the player in their goal of survival. They can be found at locations with buildings and other means of civilization, often behind or in front of them. When a player dies, all their items are dropped. These can be found again by either the player (after they respawn) or by another player (if playing online).

When a player spawns, they are automatically equiped with an Axe and Tactical Flashlight.Both the Axe and Tactical Flashlight can be dropped at any time.

Aid Items

Mushroom Soup - A can of musroom soup. Replenishes 10 blood.

Baked Beans - A can of bakes beans. Replenishes 10 blood.

Water Bottle - A bottle of water. Replenishes thirst.

Water Canteen - A canteen of water. Replenishes thirst.

Pain Pills - Allows the player to run for a set amount of time without becoming exhausted if the player's Blood or Thirst is below 30.

Bandages - Stops bleeding. Often found with other Bandages.

Worn Itens

Small Backpack - 8 more inventory slots.

Medium Backpack - 12 more inventory slots.

Large Backpack - 20 more inventory slots.

Tactical Flashlight - A flashlight worn on the chest. Turned on and off by pressing left on the D-Pad.


Fists - The things that are on the end of your arms. Very common.

Axe - Basic starting weapon. Very Common.

Combat Pistol - Uses 9mm, 15 round magazines. Fairly common.

MI Pistol - Uses .50 caliber, 7 round magazines. Uncommon.

Shotgun - Uses 20 gauge, 8 cluster. Fairly common.

MK47 - Uses 7.62 Soviet, 30 round magazines. Uncommon.

Assault Rifle - Uses 7.62 NATO, 30 round magazines. Uncommon.

Battle Rifle - Uses 5.56 NATO, 20 round magazines. Uncommon.

LMG - Uses 5.56 NATO, 100 round belt. Very common.

Sniper Rifle - Uses .308, 20 rounds. Very uncommon.

Storage Items

Tent - Allows a player to store any item. Will spawn with a player if he/she joins a server. Tents can be looted by other players.

Vehicle Items

Spare Tire - Used to repair tires on vehicles.

Toolbox - Used to repair vehicles.

Jerry Can - Used to refuel vehicles. Cannot be refilled.

Other Items

Empty Can - An empty can. Useless.

Empty Canteen - An empty canteen. Useless.

Empty Jerry Can - An empty Jerry Can. Useless.