Two players fighting zombies.


A bandit killing a player

There are many players in ApocZ, varying from selfless heroes, to ruthless bandits. You will encounter other players in the ApocZ world while playing online. It is recommended that you avoid other players, or watch them before approaching. Oftentimes, other players will be equipped with a ranged weapon and ammo, so killing another player is worth it. On the other hand, kiling unarmed or new players is looked down upon, as it shows inexperience and fear of others players.


Trolls enjoy killing other players for fun or for a video. They like to mess with other players by trash talking or playing disruptive sounds in the game chat. Usually trolls pretend to be heroes to lure other players into thinking they are friendly.


Hero Heroes are kind players and will hunt bandits if they are exposed to them, though they are rare to find. They tend to be friendly and share supplies.

Experienced heroes will drop you food, bandages, water and maybe even a gun or ammo. They will support you whilst in game.


Survivor Survivors try to stay alive. They are not hostile, but will fire if under threat.They usually hide from other Players.


Bandit Bandits fight other players to get supplies fast and easy and will try to kill on contact. It is best to avoid the common bandits.

Experienced bandits will hold you up without a bullet being wasted. Experienced bandits will not engage fresh spawns or survivors unless supplies are low or are under any threat.

Very Common.

Grouper Groupers enjoy building groups and alliances as a means to survive. Usually friendly or usually a group of experienced bandits.


Hunter Hunters will hunt other players, usually through tracking. It is best to check surroundings to be free of Hunters.

Very Uncommon.