One of five vehicles in ApocZ


A Jeep with 2 tires missing


The Jeep.The second vehicle in the game

Vehicle Repair

Vehicles can be found in good condition, with varying amounts of fuel, without wheels, or broken. A broken vehicle can be repaired with a toolbox, and a vehicle without wheels can be repaired with Spare Tires. Vehicles need to be refueled using Jerry Cans. Jerry Cans cannot be refilled once used(As of the patch 1.2 update,all vehicles that spawn in a game will have 4 tires.The tires can still be damaged though.Vehicles are supposed to spawn with at least 1 tire missing but now they spawn with all 4 tires.The developers used this to test the game faster and left this in on accident.This will most likely be fixed in patch 1.3)


The Police Car.The third vehicle in the game

Vehicles in ApocZ

List of Vehicles in ApocZ:

Vehicle                    Description                                                                                     
Truck The slowest vehicle, but with good mileage. Very slow off-road. Two in each server.
Jeep Faster than a Truck, but not as fast as the Police Car, the jeep has fair mileage, and is very fast off-road. Two in each server.
Police Car Fastest vehicle on-road, but has poor mileage. Very slow off-road. One in each server.