ApocZ is an open world sandbox centered around the zombie apocalypse and survival. Set in 4 square miles of land in the Ukraine on the Black Sea, and bordered by deadly radiation zones. As a survivor you awaken shortly after the apocalyptic event surrounded by zombie infested towns and villages. - Official ApocZ website


With 2,000 Zombies in an ApocZ world, you cannot just charge straight in. It is recommended that you lure zombies away from crowds and pick them off one by one with a hatchet, which will kill them with a single blow. If you have a gun and ammo then a good tactic is to pick off Zombies from afar as past a certain point any shot on the zombie becomes an instant kill rather than the multiple shots it may take.


  • They are usually glitched in walls (most common in one of the big towns)</li>
  • They can be killed with one hit of the hatchet.</li>
  • If a vehicle does not have all of the tires repaired while driving, zombies are likely to glitch through it.</li>
  • They can detect you within a 20 foot detection radius and can bring other zombies along!</li>
  • They make a moan/growl as a warning when they are attacking or chasing someone (or you).</li>
  • Only spawn once when a server is created, making it possible to clear out large areas of land.</li>